Sunday, 14 February 2010

Today, the kids section..started to rock.

So, a great friend who goes by the name of Amber, AKA RockerByeBaby (who is currenty reigning supreme in the world of punk-rock baby accessorization!) hooked me up with her friend Beki, of BDPhotography... and together all three of us just turned the kids shirts section of my etsy store in to something greater than it has ever been before.. it's amazing.. I keep clicking back to the section to look again because it's just THAT GOOD.

So I decided on a set 5 designs that I will be using for the kids shirts in my store, I printed these up on a few shirts, and sent them away to Amber, and her rockstar boys Izzaq & Zavery (who are Rocky pro's now) , and Beki with her daughter Maddie, who is quite possibly the sweetest prettiest little thing ever.

Here's what happened..

(Click here to go directly to the kids shirts section of my etsy store)

I absolutely LOVE these pics, the kids did so well and look like they had a really great time ..And the pictures overall are beautiful, perfect lighting, and perfect shots... I wish I could take pics like that. I can't say enough good about bdphotography!

Cute pics huh!?