Thursday, 5 May 2011

Snow time

I've been working on larger scale paintings, this way I can fit in so much more details and character that is missing in the smaller pieces. I'd always stuck with smaller work due to the nature of my business being online and every painting requiring shipping to it's new owner.

These are available to buy here: Rocky The Zombie Shop

Re-work of the rainy day:

Funky punky zombie ghost fish:

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New girls clothing

I decided that with this next collection of zombie wear, I would try out some stripes and colours that I haven't really used before. Rocky the Zombie has always been about black and grey in the past, with a rare little sprinkle of pink for good measure.

I'm so very lucky that I get to work with Bianca of Relove Planet, and aspire to a time when I can use ONLY organic shirts and materials so that I can feel much more worthy of her time... infact it's my mission for the next shirts that they are all organic. It may mean that there is less choice in colours and sizes, but I believe that the more we all start buying organic, the bigger the demand will grow and the ranges will grow to suit.

These are available here: Rocky The Zombie Shop