Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New girls clothing

I decided that with this next collection of zombie wear, I would try out some stripes and colours that I haven't really used before. Rocky the Zombie has always been about black and grey in the past, with a rare little sprinkle of pink for good measure.

I'm so very lucky that I get to work with Bianca of Relove Planet, and aspire to a time when I can use ONLY organic shirts and materials so that I can feel much more worthy of her time... infact it's my mission for the next shirts that they are all organic. It may mean that there is less choice in colours and sizes, but I believe that the more we all start buying organic, the bigger the demand will grow and the ranges will grow to suit.

These are available here: Rocky The Zombie Shop


  1. I agree with loving the organic fabrics!! And I can't wait for my new RTZ tees to arrive!!

  2. yes to more organics!!! :D
    I am always happy to model for you ;)

  3. I'm currently saving my pennies to spend a day on a printing press to print two batches of t-shirts up all at once! This will save me sooo much time!

    Then with the profits from the sales of those tee's, I'll be able to print more, and more, and more! I can't wait to start spending more time designing and less time printing!

    I've found organic shirts for this new batch, only problem is that I can't afford to buy them!... saving, saving saving up!