Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mizz Dee's Photography!

I simply had to share these beautiful shots taken by Dee Fashola, aka Mizz Dee's Photography. (Please add her page!)

Dee first contacted me last week about doing some pictures with a couple of my shirts, and before a week had passed, there was a selection of some really great looking pictures. Very professional in manner, in work, and in timing! She supplied the models, location, and editing, and all I did was send the clothing. The first shots appeared in under 48 hours and really were great!

I'd highly recommend Dee to my fellow independent designers, so don't hesitate to talk business with her via her page if you're at all tempted by these shots. Contact: deefashola @ hotmail. co. uk

Here are the pictures! Enjoy.. ^_^

Dani Haru Green
Lollie Limburn

Rocky The


  1. It was SO much fun, I had no idea what to expect at all :D

  2. Very cool! Yay for great business relationships & collaborations like this!

  3. Thanks Pili! I love that all of these people live HERE!

  4. The photos look fantastic!! I've been looking for someone UK based to shoot some of my shoes.

    Thank you for sharing the awesomeness Rhi! :D

  5. Beautiful photographs. All the work is amazing (the shirts, model, hair/makeup, and photography).