Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring & Summer

Rocky The Zombie Summer!

These are just some of the kids t-shirt sets I released last year. They were such a success that I'm currently looking at colour swatches and deciding which ones to put together this year... and more importantly, which designs to put on them!

I usually only do these in sizes from 1yr up to 6yrs in the shop, although on request I will always print a custom set if the sizes are available.

I'll be doing a girls set, as well as a boys/unisex set. This year I'm thinking of doing brighter colours instead of pastels for the girls. Perhaps black & hot pink?

Purple ink on a black shirt maybe? There are many possibilities, and hopefully not too many limitations.

I will also be doing a huge selection of adults t-shirts on ebay as usual, but the childrens clothing will be moving to stay in the Artfire & Etsy shops.


  1. I can't wait to see what new tees I'm gonna be getting for G's nieces and nephew! ;)