Saturday, 21 April 2012

Filling up Ebay with goodness!

A few new items, which I've put on ebay for you... because it's way more fun, and moves stuff faster so that I have the space to create even more stuff! This way everyone gets a better chance at owning some Rocky stuff!

My Ebay Shop

Some much more earthy colours, because I love love looooove them!

(I am also loving bloggers new layout, so much easier to use!.. When did this happen!? I may update more often now)

If you have a favourite item/design/colour please let me know, I'd much rather know that any new stuff is going to be liked.

I'm so happy to have finally found a really wonderful supplier of organic & climate neautral clothing, and one that is not likely to just vanish like others have in the past (so annoying!)

When taking these pictures I took Lex's (Smarmyclothes) advice which she shared over on the tutorials section on her website. I think I did well, and they look pretty good!

So yep.. Hope you like!


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  1. Ok, now you got me having to check eBay too, evil Rhi! ;)