Monday, 23 April 2012

I had a day off!

This Sunday I took a day off, and decided on a 9am whim to go running along the beach.

It may sound perculiar, but when you live within 500 yards of the beach, you start to forget that it's there.

These are just a couple of snaps I took on my phone. Enjoy!

Aside from all the other great times to visit the beach (when it snows, when it's stormy, etc... haha) this is probably the best time of year to venture along the shoreline in the warm sunshine.

Is it selfish to wish away hoards of tourists? Probably!

The onlydarkside of an otherwise beautiful morning, was witnessing a small child picking up a cigarette butt from the ground and pretending to smoke it. That made me feel pretty sick.

Here's to more early morning beach running!



  1. Those are some amazing shots! Glad you had a happy morning stroll!

  2. Belatedly... excellent pics! I think I like the swans one best but they are all top work!

    1. Thanks Julie :D ..They're just quick shots from the wonderous iPhone, it's ability to make my photo's look good is amazing!