Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tiana Feng & Rocky The Zombie

Photographer Tiana Feng made her first purchase on Etsy recently, and it was a Rocky the Zombie 'Cupcake' shirt, from me!

She wrote a really sweet blog post about it, and took some completely adorable pictures.

Full blog post can be read here: Tiana Feng : My First Purchase on Etsy.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

New Directions

Thanks to the time I've had recently to relax and fully concentrate on what I love most; drawing, painting, and absorbing other peoples art through my eyes. I've realised that it is about time I thought more seriously about what I do. I've found an art licensing company based here in the UK, that serves to license work out worldwide for everything from greetings cards, to skateboard designs, and from wallpaper patterns, to book illustrations.

I now need to put together a portfolio of images for my initial application, and take things from there. I won't be able to show much of what I will be submitting until afterwards, for obvious reasons, but I'm really excited about creating some illustrations that I'm completely happy and in love with, as I'll be doing these to my taste, rather than designing them in fitting with the demographic of my customer base.

Pensive fish, is pensive! 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Whatever will be, will be!

I finished working at my day job this week, and have started working on Rocky The Zombie full time again. I did this years ago when I'd only just started, and lived quite well from it!.. For some reason I decided to get a 'real' job too, and that was the silliest idea EVER. It sucked all of the fun out of every day, and I found myself living for the very few days off, where I could catch up on boring things like washing clothes, and vacuuming. BORING! I couldn't enjoy the outside, the beach, the city, and anywhere else I felt like walking to. I couldn't take holidays when I wanted to either. I haven't spent Xmas with my family in over 5 years. And that sucks.

So while I wait for a new job to start (and half hoping I won't have to!) I'm back doing this full time :)

This means the return of the unique hand painted stuff!. Yay!

These are both available from the Etsy Shop.. Now!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Rocky The Zombie 'Valentine' T-shirt

Although valentines day was a few days ago, you can never be too early for next year!
Here's Rozzlyn in her 'Zombie Love' tee, looking extra innocent (ha!) and adorable.

These t-shirts are available for Babies, Kids, and a version for Grown ups too. (Click on any of those to be taken to the shop)

Thank you to Amber over at RockerByeBaby for the really great new pictures.