Monday, 11 March 2013

Whatever will be, will be!

I finished working at my day job this week, and have started working on Rocky The Zombie full time again. I did this years ago when I'd only just started, and lived quite well from it!.. For some reason I decided to get a 'real' job too, and that was the silliest idea EVER. It sucked all of the fun out of every day, and I found myself living for the very few days off, where I could catch up on boring things like washing clothes, and vacuuming. BORING! I couldn't enjoy the outside, the beach, the city, and anywhere else I felt like walking to. I couldn't take holidays when I wanted to either. I haven't spent Xmas with my family in over 5 years. And that sucks.

So while I wait for a new job to start (and half hoping I won't have to!) I'm back doing this full time :)

This means the return of the unique hand painted stuff!. Yay!

These are both available from the Etsy Shop.. Now!